An Open Letter to the Serbian Consulate

An Open Letter to the Serbian Consulate, Canada

We are writing to demand the immediate release of Tadej Kurep, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Dojkić, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrović, activists of the Sindikalna konfederacija Anarho-sindikalistička inicijativa (ASI), Serbian section of the International Worker’s Association (IWA), who where arrested on Sept. 4 in Belgrade on absurd grounds of “international terrorism”. The prosecutor’s assertions are clearly ridiculous and malicious in nature. It seems perfectly clear to us that the courts are being used to push conventional boundaries of what constitutes “terrorism” in order to hit non-violent activists accused of minor incidents with disproportionate sentences.

This attack on the ASI is an attack on every struggling worker. All dissenters should be concerned by the trend towards using the word “terrorist” to push a political agenda, instill fear, and chill dissent. We cannot allow these tactics, which where developed in the United States to persecute non-violent environmental activists, to frighten us into backing down our struggle against exploitation and greed, and for the creation of a better, more just and free world.

The Winnipeg General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) expresses solidarity with our detained comrades, offers unconditional support and help and is joining the calls for their immediate release and withdrawal of such absurd accusations.



Winnipeg General Membership Branch

Industrial Workers of the World

Update: Oct.9

The prosecutor asked for imprisoment of the comrades for an additional two months. The judge agreed to one month. The comrades are to give statements on Oct. 10.

The judge should press charges within 7 days of the closing of the investigation. A “reconstruction” of the events is scheduled for 12-13 Oct. Last time, the reconstruction was postponed.

It is unclear if the investigation will end this week and charges will be pressed or not.

Protest in Madrid

On Saturday, October 3 more than 50 people came to demand the release of the anarchists arrested and detained on 3 September in Belgrade. The event took place at Puerta del Sol where, for an hour and a half, we explained to passerbys how the problem of repression has touched the International Workers Association.

Just after 12 o’clock the protest began and several comrades from the Madid Local Federation explained what had happened. They demanded freedom for the 6 detained comrades accused of “international terrorism” by the Serbian state, which is the real terrorist and which does not guarantee workers’ rights. The only crime of our class brothers and sisters has been to organize themselves, through the AIT, in a revolutionary wat, to defend their rights and fight for justice and equality.

We chanted various slogans against the state, employers and capitalism. We continually demanded the freedom of Belgrade 6, 4 of whom belong to ASI and a few thousand information leaflets were distributed. There was also time to demand the release the prisoner on hunger strike, anarchist Amadeu Casellas.

Again we show the injustice of this system and its classes and call for the organization of the workers in a horizontal and libertarian way, to keep fighting for a truly equal and free world.

MUSIC NIGHT on 31 October in Exarchia

Stop the prosecution of the Serb Anarchosyndicalists


Saturday 31st of October, in the Autonomous Squat

(Zoodochou Pigis 95-97 & Isavron Street, Exarchia)

live music, nice wine, tasty food, plenty of mirth

the music group starts at 10.00 p.m.

All the income will be disposed for the Serb comrades

Eleftheriaki Syndikalistiki enosi (ESE)
[Libertarian Syndicalist Union]

ASF action at the Serbian Consulate

ASF action at the Serbian Consulate

Recently members of the ASF presented a letter of protest to the Serbian government in protest about the arrest of IWA comrades in Serbia. The letter is shown below and a video of the event can be seen here

Open letter to the Serbian Consulate, Australia

We demand the release by the Serbian government of Ratibor Trivunac, Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Đokić and Nikola Mitrović, members of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (ASI). We protest the unjust arrest and detainment of our comrades on trumped-up charges, which the ASI has vehemently denied (
This attack on the ASI, and by extension the International Workers Association (IWA), is an attack on organised labour everywhere. All dissenters should be concerned by the trend towards labelling all dissent “terrorism.” The latest escalation of oppression by the Serbian government comes after an ASI member was arrested for the trivial offence burning an American flag. Clearly there is an attempt to target the ASI. This will not go unnoticed internationally.
Even today, in coordination with this action comrades are also protesting at the Serbian consulate in Britain.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation Melbourne 11/9/2009

Protests in Bern

Thursday October 1 there was a demo in Bern by FAU. People gathered at the station marched towards the Embassy through the old town. There were about thirty people. They distributed leaflets and spoke outside the embassy and then returned to the station where there was another speech.

A second protest was held on Sunday Oct. 4 in front of the Embassy. Again the rally was organized by FAU. FAU is like ASI: a rank and file trade union. That is to say without a trade union officials and with workers’ autonomy.

At 19:00 30-40 people gathered and left the station towards the Serbian embassy with banners and flags going noisily through the downtown. Hundreds of flyers informing people of the situation of the accused were distributed. Before the Serbian Embassy, an open letter to their ambassadors was read. After that, the protesters went back to the station. Finally, an open letter to Serbian intellectuals supporting the accused was read under the canopy (outside the station). Around 20:15, the event was dissolved by its organizers.


10.9.09: Freedom for Belgrade anarchists: solidarity action in Ljubljana, Slovenia

10.9.09: Freedom for Belgrade anarchists: solidarity action in Ljubljana, Slovenia: Δράση αλληλεγγύης στη Σλοβενία:

Some other interesting YouTube channels: Άλλα ενδιαφέροντα κανάλια στο YouTube:


30 days have passed and the situation is still not clear. Comrades are not allowed to get any correspondence during their remand period.

The “reconstruction”, which was scheduled for the night between 28th and 29 September has been postponed, and is scheduled for the night between 12 and 13 October.  Until then, the comades will certainly not be released. There was additional testimony of witnesses and there is a possibility that more people will be invited to testify.  By the law, if the crime they are suspected of carries more than a 10-year sentence,  they can be kept in remand up to 6 months without charges.

Serbia Becomes Fertile Ground for the Anarchosyndicalist Movement

A translation of an article from the mainstream newspaper “Danas”

Serbia Becomes Fertile Ground for the Anarchosyndicalist Movement

Red and Black Subversives

Author: Gojko Vlaović

Participants in the events of the Serbian union scene certainly have had the opportunity to see one of the largest workers’ protest groups, mainly young people, characterized by red and black flags and banners at these meetings. These are activists from the Union Confederation Anarchosyndicalist Initiative  (ASI). Theis group differs from all the rest in Serbia in that it advocates for the abolition “of the state, capitalism, private ownership and hierarchical relations in society.”

ASI belongs to an anarchist tendency that is focused on the creation of trade unions organized along non-hierarchical principles.  These unions will be the instrument the anarchists believe will lead to the abolition of the state and private ownership of means of production, to be replaced by a society based on workers’ self- management’ – a model that is completely different from what existed in Yugoslavia. Anarchosyndicalists wish to realize their goals through the implementation of “direct action” which implies the refusal to cooperate with political parties, even if they are socialist, and a strategic opportunity to overthrow the government by organizing a general strike. ASI’s intolerance of the economic elite and political structures is reflected in their slogans such as “the bosses and politicians are parasites.”

” Anarchosyndicalist action in Serbia is marginal won’t have a greater impact on developments in the labor movement in the future. On the other hand it is good that there are such groups like them. It should be a signpost to the Serbian government that all forms of resistance can occur in conditions of transition. However, even though due to the economic crisis the workers earn less, anarchosyndicalists have no chance for any success in the long run,” says the Forum sociologist Srecko Mihajlovic.

Although it doesn’t participate in elections and completely rejects parliamentarism, ASI has repeatedly found itself in the focus of the public attention.  Most recently, at the beginning of September with the decision of the investigating judge in Belgrade to detain a group of six activists for 30 days. The arrested  allegedly  first wrote graffiti on the facade, and then threw two molotov cocktails at the building of the Embassy of Greece on Aug. 25. The group “Black Elijah” took responsibilty for the attach, while ASI denies connection with this.

In a statement issued by ASI  it says that the “unusual circumstances in this case is that the arrested are suspected of having committed the crime of international terrorism whereas those accused of taking part in burning the American Embassy 21st February 2008. have not had any seriously consequences on year later.

In May this year during a visit to Belgrade by Joseph Biden,  Ratibor Trivunac burned and American flag, for which he was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment.

ASI is also active in the anti-fascist movement and were involved in protests against the “Serbian March in Novi Sad and Belgrade. In 2001 they solidarized with the Pride Parade in Belgrade and on this occasion clashed with far-right groups which attacked the Parade.

Secretariat was in Belgrade

Although they are none the less militant than their like-minded comrades in the region, ASI does not have the numbers or organization comparable to, say, their “colleagues” in Greece, who participated in mass protests and blockades after police killed a young man. Those familiar with the situation on the far left in Serbia say that the number of ASI activists and sympathizers is not more than a hundred people. ASI participates in all major workers’ events, and on a couple of occasions, ensured that the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia were not allowed to join them. ASI is a section of the International Workers Association  (IWA), and the General Secretariat of the Association  was in Belgrade from 2006 until 2008.

Action in Petersburg

Today at 2p.m. in the center of St. Petersburg, anarchists made a solidarity action in support of 6 comrades arrested in Serbia. We stuck a big poster with information and portraits of our comrades to a news stand, distributed leaflets and invited people to sign postcards with words of support to Serbian comrades. The action went on for about an hour. Nobody was detained.

Repressive authorities use the same methods all over the world. We believe that international solidarity can change the situation to the better.

Freedom to Serbian comrades! Freedom to all anarchist and antifascist prisoners!

List of Solidarity Actions So Far

In the list we are only including protests, pickets and demos. We are aware that there have also been a number of benefit concerts and even direct actions. We will try to collect information about this separately.

Please report any omissions.

6.9. – Belgrade (ASI)
7.9. – Bratislava (PA)
7.9. – Warsaw (ZSP)
7.9. – Lisbon (IWA Portugal)
9.9. – Prague (squatters)
9.9. – Vienna (anarchists)
10.9. – Ljublana (Federation for Anarchist Organizing)
11.9. – Vienna (FAS)
11.9. – London (SolFed)
11.9. – Sydney (Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation)

11.9 Warsaw (ZSP)

14.9. – Zagreb (MASA)
14.9. – Bratislava (PA)
15.9. – Moscow (KRAS)
15.9. – Kiev (Direct Action)
16.9. – Thessaloniki (AK, ESE)
16.9. – Athens (AK, ESE)
16.9. – Hamburg (VAB Altona) morning

16.9. – Hamburg (VAB Altona) afternoon
16.9. – Denver (ABC)
18.9. – Sofia (FAB, Anarcho-Resistance)
18.9. – Berlín (FAU)
18.9. – the Hague (AGA, De Vrije Bond)

25.9 Frankfurt / Main (FAU)

25.9 Skopje (Anarchist Front)

28.9 London (SolFed)

28.9 Budapest (anarchists)

2.10 Madrid (CNT)

2.10 Oslo (NSF)

2.10 Bern (FAU)

3. 10 Madrid (CNT)

Madrid: Solidarity Protest at the Serbian Embassy


Over 50 people demonstrated in from of the Serbian Embassy on Oct. 2 to demand the release of the Serbian comrades. The Secretary of the Madrid Local Federation gave in a letter on behalf of the entire CNT and the people stayed outside the Embassy for about 2 hours. Despite the excessive police presence there were no major altercations.

People various slogans demanding freedom for the anarchists, demanding an end to all prisons, noting that the struggle for the emancipation of workers is an international struggle, and that this is only the beginning.
And indeed it is. This is the beginning because if they continue to hold our comrades, we will strike where it hurts the Serbian State and we will do it with all the strength we can muster.

The next demo is this Saturday, October 3, at 12,  Anarchists and workers supported this appeal and will show that when an injury to one is an injury to all. The only terrorist in Serbia is the governmental apparatus of repression, so boycott and sabotage state interests.

(Loose translation based on:

News from Belgrade

The investigative phase of the case was meant to come to a close on the 28th, however people are still being questioned. Greek Embassy people who were supposed to testify did not show up.

A member of ASI was interrogated and the police are calling more of them in.

If the investigation concerns a crime which carries a sentence of more than 10 years in jail, the comrades may be held up to six months.

Although things are not certain, it looks as if the police have decided to prolong the case as long as possible. In this case, we call for the escalation of protests.

Solidarity Picket in London

On Sept. 28, another solidarity picket was held in front of the Serbian Embassy in London. Members of SolFed, who called the action, demand the release of the comrades and an end to political repression.

SolFed also held a solidarity picket there on Sept. 11.

PROTEST in Budapest -solidarity with the imprisoned comrades in Belgrade

On 29th of September 2009, a protest was held in front of the Serbian embassy in Budapest.
The coalition of anarchist movements of Budapest, together with the activists from Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Slovakia stated their support for the imprisoned anarcho-syndicalists in Belgrade.

The protest should have started at 6:30 PM, but in front of the embassy at that time a group of about 20 football hooligans was waiting, with flags and scarfs.
Around 30 activists gathered a bit later, so the protest ended without incidents.
Two transparents were placed on the fence of the embassy, around 200 of flayers were given to the public and the statement of solidarity was glued all over the embassy’s panels.
Solidarity actions will be continued.

P.S. You can send protest letters directly trough the :






Statement of support for ASI comrades in Belgrade


On September the 4th, five* political activists were arrested in Belgrade on trumped up charges. The five, Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Dojkić, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrović, are activists in or associates of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (ASI), the Serbian section of the International Workers’ Association (IWA). (* The sixth person sought by police, Ivan Savić, was also arrested some days later.)

The arrests are allegedly related to a direct action which took place at the Greek Embassy on Aug. 25. Negligible damage was done; a crack in one window, a tiny burn mark on the facade and a circled A graffiti on the embassy as an act of symbolic solidarity with Thodoros Iliopoulos. The prosecutor however imagines this as an act of “international terrorism” and would like to charge our comrades with such. If the state allows such charges to be pressed, they could be facing 3-15 years in prison.

Since then activists were held in prison waiting for the trial. The phones of other activists are being tapped at this moment and some of the associates of ASI are followed by the police 12h per day. During last 25 days numerous protests took place all over the world.

The coalition of anarchist movements of Budapest against the political repression demands immediate release of the imprisoned comrades from Belgrade. With this act of support for the anarcho-syndicalists, we are clearly stating:

The imprisonment of one comrade is the imprisonment of us all!

STOP THE REPRESSION! Budapest, 29.09.2009

9/11 statement of Priama Akcia (PA)

September 27th, 2009 by admin

Lurking behind the fight against terrorists is a fight against social, political and trade union activists

11th September 2009

Today the whole world recalls the attack on the World Trade Center buildings in New York. We also commemorate the day when a real disaster and the death of several thousand people took place. As a result of the attack the issue of the fight against terrorism was opened at large, which some frame as a “security or freedom?“ dilemma. A dilemma, which we believe is false, or more precisely – ideological. It represents a tool that forces one to choose between one or the other. The debate has ideological mantinels and the views, which show the relation between the fundamentals of capitalism, power and representative democracy in our everyday lives at work, at home or at school, are marginalized.

However, the primary results of the tragedy of 11 September 2001 were not at the level of thinking and debating the issue, but in practice. It untied the hands of the state in the field of repression “in our name”, which resulted in tying the hands not only of people who are active in the workplace or community, but ultimately the whole “common” working population, which will want to defend and claim its socio-economic demands in future.

There are many examples of the growth of state repression against people in various countries around the world. We would like to mention at least one which is recent and particularly striking. Today in several countries protest actions in support of arrested Serbian anarchist unionists absurdly accused of international terrorism will take place. The reason for the arrests is that they allegedly threw two molotov coctails and spray-painted letter A in a circle at the Greek embassy in Belgrade (photo here: The arrests occured in a situation of political and social unrest. Politicians and employers are facing social and political protests and strikes (more here: 7-septembra.html).

On 7th September an action in support of arrested Serbians took place in Bratislava. The reaction of Slovak police was quite strange: harassment of people who wanted to hand over a protest letter to the Ambassador of the Serbian Republic (more info: in-Bratislave.html).

Such police practice is not rare. We can only agree with the statement presented at the protest action on 6th September 2009 in Belgrade. We see it as a warning to political, social or trade union activists (not only) in Slovakia: “In a moment when rights and liberties in Serbia are being seriously narrowed by changes in criminal law and law on public informing a decision to charge the six arrested with international terrorism shows the intent of some state structures to discourage any political critique against its actions by stepping up the repression and misusing and misinterpreting its own laws. ”

It will be interesting to see how the amendmend to Criminal Law effective since 1st September 2009 will be used in practice. When spray-painting of a building can be labelled terrorism by some, what then falls under the definition of extremism? When politicians say that every terrorist was first an extremist, while the Criminal Code defines as extremist in fact every critic of power, then where are we heading? In particular, if we only silently watch others acting “in our name.”

Priama akcia

Slovak section of the International Workers‘ Association (IWA/AIT)