Protest in Madrid

On Saturday, October 3 more than 50 people came to demand the release of the anarchists arrested and detained on 3 September in Belgrade. The event took place at Puerta del Sol where, for an hour and a half, we explained to passerbys how the problem of repression has touched the International Workers Association.

Just after 12 o’clock the protest began and several comrades from the Madid Local Federation explained what had happened. They demanded freedom for the 6 detained comrades accused of “international terrorism” by the Serbian state, which is the real terrorist and which does not guarantee workers’ rights. The only crime of our class brothers and sisters has been to organize themselves, through the AIT, in a revolutionary wat, to defend their rights and fight for justice and equality.

We chanted various slogans against the state, employers and capitalism. We continually demanded the freedom of Belgrade 6, 4 of whom belong to ASI and a few thousand information leaflets were distributed. There was also time to demand the release the prisoner on hunger strike, anarchist Amadeu Casellas.

Again we show the injustice of this system and its classes and call for the organization of the workers in a horizontal and libertarian way, to keep fighting for a truly equal and free world.