Solidarity with the Serbian anarchosyndicalists from Athens!

On Wednesday afternoon at 6:00 pm more than 150 persons demonstrated outside the building of the Serbian embassy in Athens. There were 2 banners, one from “E.S.E” (Elefteriaki Sindikalistiki Enosi – Libertarian Labour Union) and one from “A.K.A” (Anarxiki ya tin Kinoniki Apelefterosi – Anarchists for Social Emancipation), a speaking trumpet, pamphlets and fliers with information about the case.

From the other side, there were 3 police trucks and many armed pigs from the riot police guarding the Serbian and the American embassy, which is very close. The speaking trumpet was informing people about the case of the comrades in greek and serbian language and many slogans were shouted about solidarity from the demonstrators. Some slogans about the Serbian comrades were written with painting spray in the area.

The demonstration stood outside the Serbian embassy for 2 hours.

The solidarity actions will continue anyway as there is a call for a new assembly next Monday in order to organize and coordinate further actions, even though we hope that the comrades will be set free and it will be unnecessary.

Later in the night, in an irrelevant concert by Thanasis Papakonstandinou (popular leftist musician), comrades went up on the scene and put a banner in which was written “Freedom for the Serbian Anarchosyndicalists”. On the scene, a text was read and slogans of solidarity were shout by the audience.

information and description from Athens IMC: (with minor changes and additions. we thank the athensIMC user translator)