An Open Letter to the Serbian Consulate

An Open Letter to the Serbian Consulate, Canada

We are writing to demand the immediate release of Tadej Kurep, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Dojkić, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrović, activists of the Sindikalna konfederacija Anarho-sindikalistička inicijativa (ASI), Serbian section of the International Worker’s Association (IWA), who where arrested on Sept. 4 in Belgrade on absurd grounds of “international terrorism”. The prosecutor’s assertions are clearly ridiculous and malicious in nature. It seems perfectly clear to us that the courts are being used to push conventional boundaries of what constitutes “terrorism” in order to hit non-violent activists accused of minor incidents with disproportionate sentences.

This attack on the ASI is an attack on every struggling worker. All dissenters should be concerned by the trend towards using the word “terrorist” to push a political agenda, instill fear, and chill dissent. We cannot allow these tactics, which where developed in the United States to persecute non-violent environmental activists, to frighten us into backing down our struggle against exploitation and greed, and for the creation of a better, more just and free world.

The Winnipeg General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) expresses solidarity with our detained comrades, offers unconditional support and help and is joining the calls for their immediate release and withdrawal of such absurd accusations.



Winnipeg General Membership Branch

Industrial Workers of the World

Update: Oct.9

The prosecutor asked for imprisoment of the comrades for an additional two months. The judge agreed to one month. The comrades are to give statements on Oct. 10.

The judge should press charges within 7 days of the closing of the investigation. A “reconstruction” of the events is scheduled for 12-13 Oct. Last time, the reconstruction was postponed.

It is unclear if the investigation will end this week and charges will be pressed or not.