Protest in Berlin

September 21st, 2009 by admin

Protest at the Serbian embassy


On Friday Sept. 18  activists demanding the release of Serbian trade unionists protested outside the Serbian Embassy in Berlin.  The rally was called by the Free Workers’ Union (FAU).

The reason for this protest was the arrest of five anarchosyndicalists in Belgrade at the beginning of September. The majority of them are members of the Anarchosyndicalist Initiative (ASI). The Serbian authorities are quiet about the reasons for the arrest today. Most likely the five will be implicated in an attack on the Greek Embassy at the end of August and this will be made into a terrorism case. The Serbia media had already started  a campaign against ASI shortly after the attack on the Embassy. ASI has distanced itself from the attack which a group called “Crni Ilija” took responsibility for.

Like its German sister union FAU, ASI stands for a self-organized, grassroots and  militant trade union. Both FAU and ASI are members of the International Workers’ Association (IWA), whose secretariat was ASI.

At the rally there were demands for the immediate release of the Serbian unionist and for an end to the criminalization of political activists.