Update about the situation of the prisoners

September 26th, 2009 by admin

We know that on 28-29 of September, the prosecution will be making a reconstruction of the ecents and taking witness testimonies. After this, there will be about 7 days left on the 30 day investigative detention period. Any charges they decide to file would have to be done in this period. Or the comrades should be let go.

At this point, there are some rumours or assumptions about the case, but we only want to publish confirmed information, so we will have to probably wait about a week to get official information about what is happening.

Another piece of information about this case is that there was a court order to follow and invigilate the comrades from ASI. In connection with this, all telephone and other conversations that the state recorded can be submitted as evidence in the case.

This is more evidence about how this group has been targetted by the authorities.


Serbian police attempts to close down art exhibition featuring works of arrested anarchosyndicalist and Belgrade artist

Serbian police attempts to close down art exhibition featuring works of arrested anarchosyndicalist and Belgrade artist

24 September 2009, BELGRADE:

The Serbian police tried to close down an art exhibition, which was organised by Belgrade-based artist Biljana Cincarević, scheduled to open on Monday at the Belgrade Youth Centre by ‘asking’ the artist to cancel it herself, but she refused as such demands have no legal basis. The art exhibition will feature artistic photographic works made by the artist and recently detained anarchosyndicalist ‘Rata’, created a year ago to inform the public of the immorality and greed of the Christian church, as well as its lack of concern for the poor.

This was yet another attempt by the police to repress voices of liberty in Serbia that demand a more just and free society.

upcoming solidarity protests, συγκεντρώσεις

Στις 28 Σεπτεμβρίου θα γίνει συγκέντρωση στο Λονδίνο, 1η Οκτωβρίου στη Μαδρίτη και τη Βέρνη, και επίσης 3 Οκτωβρίου.


Sept. 28 12:00

There will be a picket of the London Embassy on Monday 28th, 12-2. Embassy is at 28 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QB, nearest stations Victoria, Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge. Called by Solidarity Federation (the UK IWA section) in support of the ASI comrades repressed by the Serbian state. Please bring banners, placards and black and red flags.


Oct. 1

Serbian Embassy calle Velazquez 162 12:00

C/ VELAZQUEZ, 162. Metros: R. Argentina, Cruz del Rayo y Av América.


Besammlung: 01.Oktober 2009 um 19h auf dem Bahnhofplatz Bern

Oct. 3

Puerto de Sol 12:00


Upcoming solidarity protests, νέες συγκεντρώσεις

Frankfurt / Main

FAU will hold a demo on Friday Sept. 25 at 12:00 at the Embassy in Frankfurt/Main at Thüringer Str. 3


Sept. 28 12:00

There will be a picket of the London Embassy on Monday 28th, 12-2. Embassy is at 28 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QB, nearest stations Victoria, Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge. Called by Solidarity Federation (the UK IWA section) in support of the ASI comrades repressed by the Serbian state. Please bring banners, placards and black and red flags.

in Greek:


Η FAU θα κάνει διαδήλωση τη Παρασκευή 25 Σεπτέμβρη στις 12:00 στη πρεσβεία στη Φρανφούρτη στην οδό Thüringer Str. 3


28 Σεπτέμβρη στις 12:00

Θα γίνει διαμαρτυρία στη πρεσβεία στο Λονδίνο τη Δευτέρα στις 28 Σεπτέμβρη, ώρα 12-2. Η πρεσβεία είναι στην οδό 28 Belgrave Square, στο Λονδίνο, SW1X 8QB, οι πιο κοντινοί σταθμοί είναι η Victoria, το Hyde Park Corner και το Knightsbridge. Καλέστηκε από την Ομοσπονδία Αλληλεγγύης Solidarity Federation (είναι το τμήμα Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου της IWA) σε υποστήριξη με τους συντρόφους της ASI που νιώθουν τη καταστολή του Σερβικού κράτους. Παρακαλώ φέρτε πανό, πλακάρντ, και μαυροκόκκινες σημαίες.

Να κατέβουν οι φωτογραφίες των συντρόφων. Take banners with photos down from your sites

Οι φωτογραφίες των συντρόφων που περιέχονται σε διάφορα banners και γραφικά αλληλεγγύης που έχουν κυκλοφορήσει ως τώρα δεν είναι σωστό να συνεχίσει η δημοσίευσή τους, και όσοι έχετε blogs ή sites με τέτοια γραφικά που δείχνουν τα πρόσωπα των συντρόφων σας συνειστώ να τα βγάλετε.

Εάν έχετε άλλες φωτογραφίες των συντρόφων, επικοινωνήστε.

The comrades’ photos contained in various banners and solidarity graphics circulated until now, it is not right to continue publishing them, and if you have blogs or sites with such graphics that display the faces of the comrades I recommend you to take them down.

If you have other photos of the comrades please get in touch.

απλά μια ιδέα, just an idea

απλά μια ιδέα: μήπως θα ήταν χρήσιμο να ανοίξει ένας τραπεζικός λογαριασμός στην Ελλάδα για να μαζεύονται εκεί χρήματα (και από Ελλάδα και ίσως και εμβάσματα από ΕΕ) ώστε μετά να πάνε μαζεμένα στη Σερβία, απλά να υπάρχει πρώτα κάποια συννενόηση με τους έξω (ASI).

Χρήματα ίσως θα μπορούσαν να μαζευτούν με συναυλίες αλληλεγγύης.

Just an idea: would it be useful to have a bank account in Greece for solidarity contributions? If you are a well-known and trusted collective you could think of setting up such an account, just make sure you first get into touch with the comrades in Serbia (ASI). Such an account would help comrades in EU to send money with less cost than sending to Serbia.

Money could perhaps be collected with music concerts.

Protest in Hague – Διαμαρτυρία στη Χάγη

On Sept. 18 there was a picket in front of the Serbian EMbassy in the Hague. The action was organized by AGA. Protestors demanded the release of the anarchists. The picket lasted about 2 hours.

Στις 18 Σεπτέμβρη έγινε διαμαρτυρία μπροστά στη Σερβική πρεσβεία στη Χάγη. Η συγκέντρωση οργανώθηκε από την AGA (Αναρχική Ομάδα Άμστερνταμ). Οι διαδηλωτές απαίτησαν την απελευθέρωση των αναρχικών. Η διαμαρτυρία διήρκησε περίπου 2 ώρες.



The following text is a communique by the anarchist collective “Circle of
Fire” in solidarity with the comrades arrested in Serbia. (It was written
before the news of the 6th arrest and that’s why it mentions only 5). The
text is published in greek on athens.indymedia
It was also distributed during the gathering outside the Serbian embassy in
Athens last week, which was organized by other anarchists.



On September 4, in Belgrade, anarchosyndicalists Tadej Kurep, Ivan Vulovic,
Sanja Dojkic, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrovic, activists of ASI, were
arrested, accused of the attack with molotovs against the greek embassy on
August 25. The Serbian police is after one more comrade who is also accused
of participating in the same action. The comrades were “kidnapped” by the
cops from their houses, interrogated and detained since the prosecutor
decided that they will remain in custody for at least 30 days. He also
demanded that they are charged with “international terrorism”, an accusation
which means that if convicted they will be facing many years in prison .

Their arrest and custody is completely arbitrary since there is no evident
linking them to the specific action and all five of them deny the charges.

The attack against the greek embassy in Belgrade was one of the numerous
actions of solidarity that took place during the hunger strike of Thodoris
Iliopoulos, the last prisoner from the December revolt in Greece; actions
that were the continuation of all those last winter’s mobilizations and
direct actions of counter-information and solidarity around the world which
had been triggered by the insurrectionary events of December.

The persecution of the five anarchosyndicalists who are well-known to the
authorities for their ideas and their social anarchist activity, is an
attempt by the Serbian state to intimidate those who struggle for social
liberation. After all, it is a common method of the repressive mechanisms to
target activists and frame them up with false accusations in order to
achieve exhaustive prison sentences.

We stand in solidarity with the five comrades in Serbia who are held
hostages by the state, and with all activists facing state violence. The
global struggle for social liberation will sweep away the states and the
bosses, their institutions and their repressive mechanisms.



Anarchist collective “the Circle of Fire”

Athens, September 16 2009

Protest in Berlin

September 21st, 2009 by admin

Protest at the Serbian embassy


On Friday Sept. 18  activists demanding the release of Serbian trade unionists protested outside the Serbian Embassy in Berlin.  The rally was called by the Free Workers’ Union (FAU).

The reason for this protest was the arrest of five anarchosyndicalists in Belgrade at the beginning of September. The majority of them are members of the Anarchosyndicalist Initiative (ASI). The Serbian authorities are quiet about the reasons for the arrest today. Most likely the five will be implicated in an attack on the Greek Embassy at the end of August and this will be made into a terrorism case. The Serbia media had already started  a campaign against ASI shortly after the attack on the Embassy. ASI has distanced itself from the attack which a group called “Crni Ilija” took responsibility for.

Like its German sister union FAU, ASI stands for a self-organized, grassroots and  militant trade union. Both FAU and ASI are members of the International Workers’ Association (IWA), whose secretariat was ASI.

At the rally there were demands for the immediate release of the Serbian unionist and for an end to the criminalization of political activists.


Why do they aim against ASI? – Γιατί στοχοποιούν την ASI;

(personal view:) The aiming against anarchosyndicalist initiative is related with the attitude and the critisism that ASI does. Therefore, and taking into consideration that ASI is not widely known (at least in Greece), a contribution to solidarity is the distribution of the opinions and the analyses of this organization, which is gaining support by workers, and that is why the Serbian regime judges it as dangerous. The effort for demoralization of ASI will not pass.

In this link you will find an analysis of the situation after the declaration of Kosovo “independence” (12 March 2008). The English translation is from ASI’s website http://inicijativa.org/ , and the English text along with a Greek translation by an Athens IMC user can be found here: http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=1081188

(this blog is independent and is not related to ASI or any other organisation)

(προσωπική άποψη:) Η στοχοποίηση της αναρχοσυνδικαλιστικής πρωτοβουλίας έχει να κάνει σε μεγάλο βαθμό με την στάση που κρατάει και την κριτική που κάνει. Στα πλαίσια της αλληλεγγύης λοιπόν έχει σημασία και η διάδοση των απόψεων και των αναλύσεων της οργάνωσης αυτής, η οποία κερδίζει έδαφος στις συνειδήσεις των εργαζομένων και γι’αυτό κρίνεται ως επικίνδυνη από το Σερβικό καθεστώς. Η προσπάθεια αμαύρωσης της εικόνας της ASI δε θα περάσει.

Στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο θα βρείτε μια ανάλυση σε σχέση με την κατάσταση στη Σερβία μετά την ανακύρηξη της “ανεξαρτησίας” του Κοσόβου, με ημερομηνία 12 Μαρτίου 2008. Η αγγλική μετάφραση είναι από το site της ASI http://inicijativa.org/ και το Αγγλικό κείμενο μαζί με τη μετάφραση στα Ελληνικά από χρήστη του Athens IMC είναι στο http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=1081188

(αυτό το blog είναι ανεξάρτητο και δεν σχετίζεται με την ASI ή με άλλη οργάνωση)

Gay Pride in Serbia, the Belgrade 6, and the hypocrisy of the government


In 2001, the last time that the Beograd Pride parade took place in Belgrade, it was brutally attacked by fascists. I remember that then anarchists from ASI were there are were in a fight with the fascists. Our comrade Rata was one of the people who loudly and publically condemned the fascist terror tactics.

Over the past 8 years, LGBT activists in Serbia have been thinking about how to organize another parade and guarantee the safety of its participants. They had planned a parade for today. Amongst the participants were to be local antifascists. But the fascists have been actively organizing to attack the march again. They have even been organizing their terror attacks on the open internet. And therefore the authorities cancelled the parade “for the safety of its participants”. However this came after a number of attempts to force the organizers to cancel themselves, which included telling them that the police would not only not protect the parade, but also that the organizers would be liable for any damage done during the parade. This would include any damage done by hooligans or fascists who attacked them.

In response, the organizers demanded that the authorities go after the fascists, nationalists and hooligans who were openly threatening them. Although making threats, as well as hate speech, is forbidden, the authorities are turning a blind eye and calling this “public discussion”.

Personally I wouldn’t have asked the police for anything but here we won’t debate the role of the police. The organizers however managed to highlight the disgusting double standards of the authorities.

In the context of the Belgrade 6, we can see how, on the one hand a symbolic attack on the Greek Embassy resulting in a cracked window, some black marks and some graffiti is treated like “international terrorism” but open threats of attack on real people is just “public discussion”.

The authorities are thus actively supporting hate and violence. In fact, these types of fascist attacks can be seen as terrorism in its pure meaning – and the authorities are supporting it.

Although the government of Tadic is always trying to present itself as something more “democratic” or “open-minded”, the government openly flirts with nationalists and turns a blind eye to their violence, thus supporting it.

Members of ASI who read a statement during a solidarity protest two weeks ago in Belgrad referred to another incident – the attack on the American Embassy in Belgrade last year by nationalists. The damage done in the attack was far more serious than that done to the Greek Embassy and even somebody died. But the authorities did not want to make a political case out of it.

The state actively supports violence against people… when the victims are homosexuals or their friends and supporters. They support attacks against embassies… when they don’t agree on the politics of that government. They support nationalist and fascist violence and criminalize only those who fight against it. And for that reason, their hypocrisy should be condemned, even by people who don’t identify with anarchism. The human rights organizations which so quickly condemn arrests of “opposition” activists all over the world can show their bias in such situations by their lack of concern, but given this pattern of action by the Serbian state, they should have no illusions as to what is going on.

In the meanwhile, for those who have opposed the arrest of the Belgrade 6, this is just another example of state hypocrisy and persecution which we should attack.

Παρέμβαση στην Κομοτηνή – Protest in Komotini

We stand with the Serb comrades. The states are the only terrorists. (A)
We stand with the Serb comrades. The states are the only terrorists. (A)

Παρέμβαση με πανό και κείμενο που μοιράστηκε και διαβάστηκε με ντουντούκα για τους Σέρβους αναρχοσυνδικαλιστές έγινε στην κεντρική Πλατεία Κομοτηνής σήμερα στις 10μιση το πρωί (19-09-2009).

Protest for the Serbian anachosyndicalists, with a banner (photo) and a leaflet that was handed to people and read loudly with a speaking trumpet, took place in the central square of Komotini (city in north Greece) today at 10:30 in the morning (19-09-2009).


From the Occupied London blog

Occupied London is a blog http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog/ that posts news in English about the situation in Greece after December. Here is something they wrote recently at http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog/2009/09/14/87-the-last-prisoners-of-decembers-revolt-are-in-serbia-solidarity-with-the-arrested-anarchosyndicalists-in-belgrade/

Initial hesitation in posting the news of the arrests of our Belgrade comrades on this blog was only due to the fact that they themselves have refused any link to the action at the greek embassy and, given that this blog deals exclusively with the greek revolt, reposting the news here could create some unwanted connections. However, in exactly the same way that most of December’s prisoners were not “guilty” (not even by the state’s fake distinction of “innocent and “guilty”, “peaceful” and “violent”), so are the Belgrade anarchists. In this way, it is them who are now the last remaining prisoners of the greek revolt: Our solidarity need be as global as their repression…

PROTEST of the Association of Bookshop Employees (Συλλόγου Υπαλλήλων Βιβλίου-Χάρτου) about the arrest of the Serb syndicalists

The Association of Bookshop Employees in Attica, Greece (Σύλλογος Υπαλλήλων Βιβλίου – Χάρτου Αττικής) is collecting funds to support the Serb syndicalists

ASSOCIATION OF BOOKSHOP EMPLOYEES OF ATTICA, Lodou 6 Athens, TELEPHONE: 210-3820537, e-mail: sylyp_vivliou@yahoo.gr

ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΥΠΑΛΛΗΛΩΝ ΒΙΒΛΙΟΥ – ΧΑΡΤΟΥ ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ Λόντου 6 Αθήνα, ΤΗΛΕΦΩΝΟ: 210-3820537, e-mail: sylyp_vivliou@yahoo.gr

PROTEST: On 3/9 the Serbian police raided houses and arrested youths, members of the Anarchosyndicalist Initiative (ASI), charging them with throwing two molotov (petrol) bombs at the Greek embassy in Belgrade (on 25/8). The arrestees were abused and after the public prosecutor’s order they were detained for 30 days. They are about to appear in court with charges of ‘international terrorism’. This means that, if they are officially charged, they will have to face imprisonment of 3 to 15 years.

The arrestees deny any relation to the action. An unknown anarchist group (‘Black Sun’) sent an announcement on the internet taking responsibility for the action at the Greek embassy. They described it as an action in solidarity with Thodoris Iliopoulos, who at the time was a hunger striker in Korydalos prison. Our Association supports the arrested syndicalists. We demand that fabrications against them cease. We call all trade unions in Greece to publish protest announcements and take initiatives about this case. We call all fellow colleagues to take part in actions that are going to take place demanding the release of the Serb fighters. It is not an act of fraternity with the Serbian people to support the nationalist and warmongering cliques in Serbia. An act of fraternity is to support those who struggle against unemployment, poverty, enterprise closures, privatizations, the non-payment of thousands of workers in factories that are fell in disrepair, corruption. Those who fight, and therefore face the repression of the Serb regime. ‘Send’ messages of protest at the embassy of Serbia in Athens (FAX: 210-7796436, e-mail: beograd@hol.gr). 17/9/2009

Our Association will respond positively to the APPEAL of the Anarchosyndicalist Initiative of Serbia for FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS towards the legal support of the 6 persecuted fighters. The serious charges and the complex legal situation have already skyrocketed the legal expenses above 10.000 Euro. We call any colleague who wants to contribute money to contact [by calling] 6970225917.



Lodou 6 Exarceia, telephone: 210-3820537

Λόντου 6 Εξάρχεια, τηλέφωνο: 210-3820537

e-mail: sylyp_vivliou@yahoo.gr

Greek original: http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=1080915

Bulgarian demo

The protest was organized by Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria,
Autonomous group “Anarcho-Resistance” and sympathisants and supporters of
the cause under the slogan: “Freedom for Serbian Syndicalists!”

The action was organized in view of arrests of 5 innocent
Anarcho-syndicalists in Serbia (4 of September 2009), whose aid call
provoced since then many of actions and campaigns for defence of rights of
prisoners. Bulgarian Anarchists anf free citizens joined the world-wide

In spite of rain, the protest in front of Embassy of Republic of Serbia in
“Veliko Tirnovo” street, 3 started at 19.10.

About 35-40 people came to express their solidarity with arrested Serbian
friends and like-minded. About 20 policemen and gendarmes, some cars, jeeps
and a camion of Gendarmery  waited in front of Embassy. The police set up a
cordon before Embassy; helmets and shields were prepared on the side.

There were no movements from the side of Embassy, nobody get out.

There were 2 banners: “No to State terrorism!” and “Freedom for Serbian
Anarchists!”. People chanted appeals for solidarity and against State
terrorism. The position of participants was read: the text can be seen
lower. English translation of the text was put in the letterbox of the

The demonstration finished normally shortly before 20.00. It`s good that we
identified an orderly insolent from Ministry of Interior with camera, which
filmed as Shiva: with camera in one hand and with photo-camera in the other.


On 04.09.2009, five young activists of ASI, Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulovic,
Sanja Doikic, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrovic were arrested by Serbian
authorities under absurd charge of “international terrorism” which is
equivalent with genocide, according to Serbian laws. The charge was brought
in action on the ground of suspicion only that the arrested were eventually
involved in recent action during which two “Molotov cocktails” were thrown
in the building of Greek Embassy in Beograd by some unknown persons. Our
comrades deny their participation categorically. The State persecutor
determined 30 day of arrest and they can become from 3 to 15 years in
prison, in the case if the judges will find them guilty.

The absolutelly unprovoced arrests and the declared charges against 5
innocent people are an act of open State`s attack aganist the
Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative. It is not surprisingly for everybody who
know the situation that exactly these ASI members were attacked with the

Their only fault was that they were allways among activists, appaired more
often openly in the public space without “mask” in the direct and indirect
sense. The ASI gained confidence of workers through it organized activity
for defense of workers (which remain without it as usual neglected and
without use of fruits of their work). It gave support to workers – support
which they never obtained from Serbian political clique. Striving for
overcome the threat coming from every autonomous organized trade union
movement in the time of fully political bankrupt, this clique seeks
salvation in the methods alienated even for their Western patrons. Trying
desperately to supress the voices of resistance, it utilizes every
possibility  for create provocation and now it transgress the bounds
throwning our comrades in prison under paradoxal and poorly disguised charge
of “international terrorism”.

The arrests of syndical activists and of their supporters show virtually the
true face of modern Serbia,where protection of exploitation and enslavement
continues under cover of neoliberalism. This act is a step to establishment
of a more hard model of repressive government which can not be shaked by
“closed” mouths of  people to which the disguisting image in mirror is

Arrest people for their political orientation is a crime from the side of
State! We must wait arrest as Anarchists writing this declaration now?!

Just punishment of State crimes! Freedom for all political prisoners! !

The Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria and the Autonomous group
“Ansrcho-resistance” express their solidarity, fully support and aid for
arrested comrades and join the calls for their inmediate release and
discharge from all absurd charges!


Sofia, 18.09.2009?.

Interview of Thodoris Iliopoulos

Thodoris Iliopoulos gave a long interview to the web channel tvxs.gr (tv without borders), which you can find in greek here: http://www.tvxs.gr/v21143. Amongst many things that he said about his case, the life in the greek prisons, the hunger strike, the life after prison, the social struggles and the solidarity movement, he was asked about the 6 anarchosyndicalists that are persecuted for the solidarity action in Belgrade. This is a translation of this part of the interview:

journalist: These days there is happening a mobilization for 6 persons for a movement that took place for you, while there had been developed already a movement and it was in the last days of your hunger strike. An action took place in Belgrade at the Greek embassy there. These persons were finally arrested and they are accused with very heavy charges, international terrorism is the charge that was attributed to them and there is developed a movement of support of those that supported then you. What do you think about that and I’d like your opinion generally for this situation.

Th. Illiopoulos.: I am aware of this situation. They face now charges that have from 3 up to 15 years imprisonment, if I remember right. International terrorism for 2 broken glasses? for a graffity? terrorism… big conversation. In a few words, for me, this is not terrorism. Terrorism is what we face in our everyday routine. Wake up in the morning, go to a work, take the very few money, try to live with dignity. Manufactured needs. All these are terrorism. Now those that made an action of solidarity in support of me, are considered terrorists? I cannot understand this.

Protest in Sofia

A protest in solidarity with the Serbian anarchosyndicalists was held on Friday, Sept. 18 in Sofia. It was organized by the Bulgarian Anarchist Federation, Anarcho-Resistance and other supporters with the slogan “Free the Serbian Syndicalists!”

About 35-40 people attended the protest. There were police vans there.

The embassy wasn’t open at the time of the protest.

There were banners which read “No to the Terrorist State” and “Freedom for the Serbian Anarchists”.


On 04.09.2009, the, five young activists from  ASI –  Tadej Kurep, Ivan Vulovic, Sanya Dojkic, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrovic, were arrested by Serbian authorities on the ridiculous charges of “international terrorism”, which according to Serbian law is tantamount to “genocide.”

The accusation is raised only on suspicion that the detainees may have been involved in a recent action, where an unknown person threw two cocktails Molotov in front of the Greek embassy in Belgrade. Our comrades  categorically involvement,  The state prosecutor gave them 30 days detention, If the court finds them guilty of the action , they face from 3 to 15 years in prison.

Totally unprovoked arrests and trumped-up charges against the five innocent people is an act of open government repression against the Anarchist Trade Union Initiative. For everyone who is a  little familiar with the situation, it is not surprising that these particular members of the ASI were attacked by the prosecution.

The only reason is that they have always been among the activists, which have appeared most frequently and  highly visibly in public without any “masks”  – in the direct and metaphorical sense. Through organized activity to protect workers
that without them, typically remain neglected, ASI won the confidence of these workers and gives them the support they never received from the Serbian politcal cliques. Desiring to eliminate the threat that any autonomous trade union movement may create  in a time of full political bankruptcy, this clique seeks salvation in the methods rejected even  by its Western patrons. In a desperate, tyrranical effort to silence  voices of resistance, it uses every opportunity to create provocations, and now have crossed the boundary,  throwing our comrades in prison  and  accusing them
of “international terrorism”.

Arrests of trade union activists and above those who support them, are clearly the true face of modern Serbia, since even on the ashes of neoliberalism it continues to protect exploitation and enslavement. This act is a step towards establishing a more robust model of a repressive government which does not hesitate to shut the mouths of those who are against it.

To arrest people because of their political orientation is a crime by the state! Now, when we write this statement, should  we expect to be arrested, because we are anarchists?

Just punishment for a criminal government!  Freedom for all political prisoners!

The Bulgarian Anarchist Federation and the autonomous group “Anarcho – Resistance,” express their solidarity with the detained comrades, their full support and assistance and have joined the calls for their immediate release and withdrawing these ridiculous charges!

Freedom for all detainees!

Sofia, 18.09.2009g.

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Solidarity message from Void Network

Void Mirror international blog http://voidmirror.blogspot.com and Void
Network http://voidnetwork.blogspot.com participate in the International
Solidarity Movement for the 6 members of Serbian Anarchosyndicalist
Initiative that have been arrested by the Serbian State accused for an
attack to the Greek embassy. The comrades are completely non relevant with
this attack but even though, the European State see in their faces an inner
enemy for the European capitalistic Totalitarianism. In their faces we see
the international struggle for Freedom, Equality and end of Exploitation.