Bulgarian demo

The protest was organized by Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria,
Autonomous group “Anarcho-Resistance” and sympathisants and supporters of
the cause under the slogan: “Freedom for Serbian Syndicalists!”

The action was organized in view of arrests of 5 innocent
Anarcho-syndicalists in Serbia (4 of September 2009), whose aid call
provoced since then many of actions and campaigns for defence of rights of
prisoners. Bulgarian Anarchists anf free citizens joined the world-wide

In spite of rain, the protest in front of Embassy of Republic of Serbia in
“Veliko Tirnovo” street, 3 started at 19.10.

About 35-40 people came to express their solidarity with arrested Serbian
friends and like-minded. About 20 policemen and gendarmes, some cars, jeeps
and a camion of Gendarmery  waited in front of Embassy. The police set up a
cordon before Embassy; helmets and shields were prepared on the side.

There were no movements from the side of Embassy, nobody get out.

There were 2 banners: “No to State terrorism!” and “Freedom for Serbian
Anarchists!”. People chanted appeals for solidarity and against State
terrorism. The position of participants was read: the text can be seen
lower. English translation of the text was put in the letterbox of the

The demonstration finished normally shortly before 20.00. It`s good that we
identified an orderly insolent from Ministry of Interior with camera, which
filmed as Shiva: with camera in one hand and with photo-camera in the other.


On 04.09.2009, five young activists of ASI, Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulovic,
Sanja Doikic, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrovic were arrested by Serbian
authorities under absurd charge of “international terrorism” which is
equivalent with genocide, according to Serbian laws. The charge was brought
in action on the ground of suspicion only that the arrested were eventually
involved in recent action during which two “Molotov cocktails” were thrown
in the building of Greek Embassy in Beograd by some unknown persons. Our
comrades deny their participation categorically. The State persecutor
determined 30 day of arrest and they can become from 3 to 15 years in
prison, in the case if the judges will find them guilty.

The absolutelly unprovoced arrests and the declared charges against 5
innocent people are an act of open State`s attack aganist the
Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative. It is not surprisingly for everybody who
know the situation that exactly these ASI members were attacked with the

Their only fault was that they were allways among activists, appaired more
often openly in the public space without “mask” in the direct and indirect
sense. The ASI gained confidence of workers through it organized activity
for defense of workers (which remain without it as usual neglected and
without use of fruits of their work). It gave support to workers – support
which they never obtained from Serbian political clique. Striving for
overcome the threat coming from every autonomous organized trade union
movement in the time of fully political bankrupt, this clique seeks
salvation in the methods alienated even for their Western patrons. Trying
desperately to supress the voices of resistance, it utilizes every
possibility  for create provocation and now it transgress the bounds
throwning our comrades in prison under paradoxal and poorly disguised charge
of “international terrorism”.

The arrests of syndical activists and of their supporters show virtually the
true face of modern Serbia,where protection of exploitation and enslavement
continues under cover of neoliberalism. This act is a step to establishment
of a more hard model of repressive government which can not be shaked by
“closed” mouths of  people to which the disguisting image in mirror is

Arrest people for their political orientation is a crime from the side of
State! We must wait arrest as Anarchists writing this declaration now?!

Just punishment of State crimes! Freedom for all political prisoners! !

The Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria and the Autonomous group
“Ansrcho-resistance” express their solidarity, fully support and aid for
arrested comrades and join the calls for their inmediate release and
discharge from all absurd charges!


Sofia, 18.09.2009?.