Protest in Sofia

A protest in solidarity with the Serbian anarchosyndicalists was held on Friday, Sept. 18 in Sofia. It was organized by the Bulgarian Anarchist Federation, Anarcho-Resistance and other supporters with the slogan “Free the Serbian Syndicalists!”

About 35-40 people attended the protest. There were police vans there.

The embassy wasn’t open at the time of the protest.

There were banners which read “No to the Terrorist State” and “Freedom for the Serbian Anarchists”.


On 04.09.2009, the, five young activists from  ASI –  Tadej Kurep, Ivan Vulovic, Sanya Dojkic, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrovic, were arrested by Serbian authorities on the ridiculous charges of “international terrorism”, which according to Serbian law is tantamount to “genocide.”

The accusation is raised only on suspicion that the detainees may have been involved in a recent action, where an unknown person threw two cocktails Molotov in front of the Greek embassy in Belgrade. Our comrades  categorically involvement,  The state prosecutor gave them 30 days detention, If the court finds them guilty of the action , they face from 3 to 15 years in prison.

Totally unprovoked arrests and trumped-up charges against the five innocent people is an act of open government repression against the Anarchist Trade Union Initiative. For everyone who is a  little familiar with the situation, it is not surprising that these particular members of the ASI were attacked by the prosecution.

The only reason is that they have always been among the activists, which have appeared most frequently and  highly visibly in public without any “masks”  – in the direct and metaphorical sense. Through organized activity to protect workers
that without them, typically remain neglected, ASI won the confidence of these workers and gives them the support they never received from the Serbian politcal cliques. Desiring to eliminate the threat that any autonomous trade union movement may create  in a time of full political bankruptcy, this clique seeks salvation in the methods rejected even  by its Western patrons. In a desperate, tyrranical effort to silence  voices of resistance, it uses every opportunity to create provocations, and now have crossed the boundary,  throwing our comrades in prison  and  accusing them
of “international terrorism”.

Arrests of trade union activists and above those who support them, are clearly the true face of modern Serbia, since even on the ashes of neoliberalism it continues to protect exploitation and enslavement. This act is a step towards establishing a more robust model of a repressive government which does not hesitate to shut the mouths of those who are against it.

To arrest people because of their political orientation is a crime by the state! Now, when we write this statement, should  we expect to be arrested, because we are anarchists?

Just punishment for a criminal government!  Freedom for all political prisoners!

The Bulgarian Anarchist Federation and the autonomous group “Anarcho – Resistance,” express their solidarity with the detained comrades, their full support and assistance and have joined the calls for their immediate release and withdrawing these ridiculous charges!

Freedom for all detainees!

Sofia, 18.09.2009g.

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