Communique for the Serb anarchosyndicalists


At the Greek embassy in Belgrade takes place a symbolic attack with molotof and spray on the walls, by an unknown group.

The unknown organization “Black Sun” claims responsibility for the attack in solidarity with the prisoner hunger striker Thodoris Iliopoylos that was detained for the situation of December in the Greek prisons for a time of almost 9 months.

On 4th of September there are arrested five members of the organization “Serbian Anarchosyndicalist Initiative” (ASI) and one more is wanted with only clue their attendance in a peaceful protest outside the Greek embassy on 25 August.

The arrested, all with age under 30 years old, are imprisoned from then with the purpose for the Serbian “justice” to accuse them with the charge of “international terrorism”, accusation which attracts sentence of imprisonment from 3 to 15 years according to the Serbian laws.

Even according to the Serbian juridical reality the charges do not stand, as in another attack at the embassy of USA in the recent past the charge that was attributed was much milder.

According to common sense, even for those that consider the state monopoly for violence as sacred, there cannot be attributed the charge of terrorism for a slightly damaged glass, a trace of fire in the facade of the embassy and the writing of a symbol (alpha in circle), provided that there was not threatened nor is threatened the life and the body integrity of no one.

Compared to the terrorism of the states that abduct, torture, keep in hostage and condemn with fabricated clues persons or to the terrorism of the bosses that blackmail, destroy and murder workers, the attack at the embassy seems like a drop in the ocean. A drop, however, that contains an obvious message.

The defendants, via a statement of their organization, deny the charges declaring that they select other ways of action as the organizing of workers in libertarian [anarchosyndicalist] associations, the condemn via representations of protest and the sending of contra-information e-mails.

These belief-associated prosecutions remind us something. The prosecutions of anarchist comrades and social fighters, the prosecutions for revenge after the December that we lived here.

But there is something more. The internationalisation of solidarity, the break of the borders through the social struggles, the call for international unity of the oppressed accentuate the insecurity of each government clique in Greece, in Serbia, in the Balkans, everywhere. As we know, when a similar attack had happened at the Greek embassy few years ago for an athletic conflict, no one cared…

The people in solidarity with the Serbs that are persecuted denounce the misery of the Serbian state that – as and Greek one too- tries hard to offer space for its nationalists, to feed with even more blood and repression the famous “Greek-Serbian Friendship”.

We, on our view, are indeferent for the wolf-frienships [means in greek the fake friendship that is based on common profit] of the states. But we stand for the need of internationalist solidarity between the victims of these states. We denounce the effort of every state to eliminate the voices and actions of resistance, in their interior but also in the level of international solidarity.

We stand with the Serb comrades
and ask for their, immediate and without terms, release


Anarchists for social liberation


[independent translation, we are not part of the assembly of the group that signs the communique]

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