Letter from Serbian Intellectuals


A few days ago we wrote here about how a group of professors and intellectuals wrote a letter protesting the arrests of our comrades. Here is the English translation of the letter:

Announcement of the state prosecution institutions that they will press charges for an ”act of international terrorism” against six suspected of throwing two Molotov cocktails at the building of Greek Embassy in Belgrade made us write this letter and express our concern.

Without a desire to justify this kind of act in any way we consider it to be our duty to point out at what we believe to be political background of applying double standards that can have a devastating effect in further development of our society.

Not so long ago, during protest held on 21. February 2008 after proclamation of independence of Kosovo United States of America embassy building was burnt down in Belgrade. Embassy building was significantly damaged by fire while one of the attackers lost his life. The only participant of this attack that has been prosecuted is being charged for “heavy criminal act against public security”.

Contrary to this, state institutions have characterized the act of smashing a window on an empty building of Greek embassy with two burning bottles that didn’t cause fire as an act of international terrorism. In criminal law of Republic of Serbia that act is next to genocide, war crimes and leading an aggressive war.

We are afraid that such a different positioning of prosecution institutions regarding these two cases is motivated politically by some of the current authorities who are trying to improve their rating with nationalistically orientated voters.

This has an encouraging effect on strengthening chauvinistic and extreme right wing tendencies in our society just like those that have participated in burning down USA embassy in Belgrade without any significant legal consequences.

For this reason we are addressing the public as well as the state institutions hoping that by doing so we will contribute in making the law treat all members of our society equally and adequately concerning the seriousness of act that has been done.

Zaga Golubović

Želimir Žilnik

Todor Kuljić

Vladimir Ilić

Boris Dežulović

Sonja Drljević

Ljubomir Živkov

Vladimir Aresinjević