Solidarity Protest Vienna 11.9

After the arrests of five people in Belgrade, Vienna today saw the second protest within a week. Despite light rain, the demo went from Schwedenplatz through the city centre to the Serbian embassy on Karlsplatz.

Embassy staff, apparently terrified by the 40 protesters, had to be protected by the Viennese special ops team WEGA and refused to accept the protest letter. As with the previous demo, the big gate to the “Otto Wagner Bau” remained firmly closed and pale faces were seen peeping from behind the curtains on the second floor

Protesters then resorted to calling the embassy’s phone line while standing in front of their door but strangely no one answered. Perhaps Dragan (the embassador) prefers to get our protest letter by fax?

On the way to the embassy, that led right through the busy city centre, leaflets in German and English were distributed. Of the 800 leaflets we had produced, there were none left after only two thirds of the way…