Arrests of fighters in Serbia

Arrests of fighters in Serbia

On 25th of August, 2 molotov cocktails were thrown at the Greek embassy of Belgrade and a graffiti slogan was written with a spray, denouncing the detention of Thodoris Iliopoulos that in those days was on hunger strike in the prisons of Korydallos. An unknown anarchist group with the name “Black Sun” claimed responsibility for this action, with a statement that circulated on the internet.

On 3rd of September, six members of the Syndicalist Union “Anarchosyndicalist Initiative” (ASI) were arrested as responsible for this action. The arrested, 5 men (all under the age of 30) and a 19-year-old girl were led to police departments and were abused. The security forces of the regime performed illegal searches in houses and intimidated the families of the arrested.

On 4th of September, the public prosecutor ordered their detention, for 30 days, and charged them with actions of  “international terrorism” that are punished with imprisonment of 3 to 15 years.

The Anarchosyndicalist Initiative with a statement clarified that, “these methods of individual political fight are not the methods of anarchosyndicalism, they are exactly the opposite. We declare our political points in public and through our action we try to bring the masses in the syndicalist movement and the libertarian and progressive organizations”. The arrested made clear that they have no relation with a such action.

The workers of Serbia experience a miserable reality. This reality is characterized by unemployment, poverty, closure of enterprises, privatizations, thousands workers unpaid in factories that rhyme, corruptness… The serbian capital increases its wealth and is prepared to drive the country into the European Union. Who knows, perhaps tomorrow Serbia will ask to become a NATO member as well (which a few years ago was bombing them).

We are with the Serb fighters that are persecuted for their struggle. The associations and the collectives of the social movement in Greece should undertake actions, demanding their release and the stoppage of any prosecution against them.


“Bomb” with messages of protest the embassy of Serbia in Athens

(FAX: 210-7796436, e-mail:

Ελευθεριακή Συνδικαλιστική Ένωση  (Ε.Σ.Ε. Αθήνας)
[Libertarian Syndicalist Union, ESE Athens]

Gathering of solidarity to the Serb anarchosyndicalists

Wednesday 16th of September, 6.00 pm, outside of the embassy of Serbia (Vassilisis Sofias 106)

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