Protests in Bern

Thursday October 1 there was a demo in Bern by FAU. People gathered at the station marched towards the Embassy through the old town. There were about thirty people. They distributed leaflets and spoke outside the embassy and then returned to the station where there was another speech.

A second protest was held on Sunday Oct. 4 in front of the Embassy. Again the rally was organized by FAU. FAU is like ASI: a rank and file trade union. That is to say without a trade union officials and with workers’ autonomy.

At 19:00 30-40 people gathered and left the station towards the Serbian embassy with banners and flags going noisily through the downtown. Hundreds of flyers informing people of the situation of the accused were distributed. Before the Serbian Embassy, an open letter to their ambassadors was read. After that, the protesters went back to the station. Finally, an open letter to Serbian intellectuals supporting the accused was read under the canopy (outside the station). Around 20:15, the event was dissolved by its organizers.