Update about the situation of the prisoners

September 26th, 2009 by admin

We know that on 28-29 of September, the prosecution will be making a reconstruction of the ecents and taking witness testimonies. After this, there will be about 7 days left on the 30 day investigative detention period. Any charges they decide to file would have to be done in this period. Or the comrades should be let go.

At this point, there are some rumours or assumptions about the case, but we only want to publish confirmed information, so we will have to probably wait about a week to get official information about what is happening.

Another piece of information about this case is that there was a court order to follow and invigilate the comrades from ASI. In connection with this, all telephone and other conversations that the state recorded can be submitted as evidence in the case.

This is more evidence about how this group has been targetted by the authorities.